2018 Samples

Photos from 2018

Winter is coming; fall is falling away.

Autumn leaves gathering
My best photo this year, in my opinion

Blue Mesa is drying up…this year. Just added a post with 20 photos from Blue Mesa Reservoir. The town of Iola reappeared with the initials  of school children set years ago in concrete and bottles from beer long ago finished.

Bits and Pieces is a collection a late summer and fall works at the Black Canyon and Blue Mesa.

Summer 2018 was a season of sailing for Phil. In included drives to the lakes in  early morning with fog and shadows

and summer sailing with rainbows and a drying lake. Here are some sample of that work. For full show, click on photo.



After a web hosting move and some glitches, we are back on track for 2018 . Her is a sample of photos I took in 2017.

A Walk in the Snow-2018
Abstract park in snow
Abstract Park in B and W
The Spinners
My brother and his wife on a visit
Waiting companions
Waiting companions
Darth Vader (in Abstract
Seeing is believing?
Louisiana Morning Fog
Louisiana morning fog
A Nine Fold Portrait
Blue Mesa logo of Phil
Blue Sun
Blue and yellow
Eclipse 1
Eclipse 1
Eclipse 2
Eclipse fractured
Blue Moon Eclipses
Banana plant in Costa Rica
The first fall snow 2017
Graphitti on a cover
Sew Two
Costa Rica church at dawn
Tangerine flowers
Curb collage
Winter sunrise
Sun oiver frozen river
Snow lines
Winter sun
Trees and fog