Phil’s Highland Coffees Show– Now Showing Jan –Feb 2022

American Gothic :Ray & Joelle and the Flag:1969

Below are finals for Phil’s expected exhibit at Highland Coffees Baton Rouge this year–  January–February 2022.  The basic theme of the show  “Retrospective: 1969-1973: We Were Just Kids ” reflects ideas and influences  based on us older folks looking  back at our youth, not with nostalgia but maybe a new awareness of life.

Much  as with   Robin Williams   in  “Dead Poets Society,”  asking his   his young students to look at faces of youth from years gone by and admonishing them  to carpe diem: “pluck the day,”  Phil  hopes you see  the energy and vitality in these young  faces from 50 years ago  seizing their day and   living their lives in the moment.

As Phil put these together, he did not seek nostalgia nor an accurate representation of those times (although you are welcome to if you want) . Rather,  in looking back, he found   a feeling of  youthfulness we all possess at whatever age. Our opportunities are always plucking the one-day-at-a-time opportunities of our daily existence.

Phil also reflected   on the 1960s song by  a young  Bob Dylan– Bob Dylan’s Dream (a prophetic song for all of us alive now), on Simon and Garfunkel’s Old Friends,  on Patti Smith’s autobiography Just Kids and on Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 where art becomes that thing that outlives us all.

Hank LeGarde on the day of his engagement over on Azalea street.

One other sub theme is the Neighborhood… those individual  communities that we always form in youth that eventually break apart and sometimes re-connect.  These formed around LSU and Chimes Street,  downtown at Spanish Town Road (then Boyd Street),and the arts and music venues scattered across the campus areas.  Others formed  at the first real pop festival in Louisiana New Orleans Pop held in Prairieville Racetrack (then the New Orleans  city fathers did not want all those hippies in their town.)

Some of the folks here were a young Henry Gray, a group of leather makers from Nodding Stone who sold their wares at The General Store/Daily Planet,  an artist Mark Cherry leaning on a VW bus parked what would be outside today’s CT,  Dewey Balfa down at the Old State Capitol, kids fishing on City park lake, kids playing basketball just off campus  and so on. Others center around the folk /blues singer Joelle Goblowski, who entertained us around campus.

Some are long gone but their eyes still enlighten our hearts.

The web show is divided into three parts:

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