2022– News and a New Show Jan -Feb 2022

On 3/25/22, Phil Ward passed away in his home in Montrose, CO. Those seeking to contact Phil should contact his son, Jeff, at or his brother Kelly, at .

(Jan 2022) Stay tuned for another online and  gallery show in Stillwater, Oklahoma of my father’s works from the 1940s: The Richard Project  will show in March 2022 at Modella Art Gallery on Main Street. 

Scheduled to open March 3, here is a sneak preview to many of the photos. The Richard Project

Fifty-odd Years Age–We were Just Kids

Announcing  a special showing of my 50th anniversary (a few years late) of starting photography.  This show will be featured in Highland Road Coffees sometime in January-February 2022. If you can’t attend, you can view it online here.

Simple shells

February 2021

Just a few weeks into the year and some things seem to echo last year.

With hope we look towards a better spring.

Phil has gotten his first of two -shot vaccine. (update: Phil has his booster and while somewhat hallucinogenic the first day, feels fine now.)


Below are some final images Phil took of 2020.

5eggs - Copy
Shades of eggs
6eggsinbowelsml - Copy
attachment609 - Copy
Spring tide moon
autumnflowers12rain - Copy
eggsinbowel1.b - Copy
eggsinbowel2 - Copy
greenhummer1 - Copy
mpsunsetcupsd - Copy
mtsroadfall1 - Copy
naturesbattle - Copy
rainsunflower2yellowb - Copy
sandraonion1 - Copy
sidewalkloove - Copy
springcomeback - Copy