2021– News and a New Show

Fifty-odd Years Age–We were Just Kids

Announcing  a special showing of my 50th anniversary (a few years late) of starting photography.  This show will be featured in Highland Road Coffees sometime in November –December 2021. If you can’t attend, you can view it online here.

Simple shells

February 2021

Just a few weeks into the year and some things seem to echo last year.

With hope we look towards a better spring.

Phil has gotten his first of two -shot vaccine. (update: Phil has his booster and while somewhat hallucinogenic the first day, feels fine now.)


Below are some final images Phil took of 2020.

5eggs - Copy
Shades of eggs
6eggsinbowelsml - Copy
attachment609 - Copy
Spring tide moon
autumnflowers12rain - Copy
eggsinbowel1.b - Copy
eggsinbowel2 - Copy
greenhummer1 - Copy
mpsunsetcupsd - Copy
mtsroadfall1 - Copy
naturesbattle - Copy
rainsunflower2yellowb - Copy
sandraonion1 - Copy
sidewalkloove - Copy
springcomeback - Copy


the photographs of Phil Ward-1972-2021